The start of my NFT journey

I’m not sure exactly what lead me to buying my first NFT in February 2022. I am pretty sure it had to do with something cool about the technology behind it. Natural curiosity to new technology has always been a trigger for me to start exploring unknown paths. Anyway, I quickly got up to speed on what I needed to get myself my first NFT on the Solana blockchain. Everyone, meet Dronie 8107!

Why did I end up buying a piece of digital art for $350? It was an incredible learning experience. I had very limited knowledge about the financial aspect of an NFT transaction. I did not know how organizations, artists, professionals and consumers form communities, and how the interact.

I have since the first purchase been involved with multiple NFT projects, both successful and complete failures. I have also invested in DeFi and performed crypto analysis and execution with trading bots.

Welcome to my journey.